Overlay Side Panel Tie Cuff Pant - Microjersey

Overlay Side Panel Tie Cuff Pant - Microjersey

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Overlay side panel Tie Cuff Pant - This is a funky, fun pant option with a casual overtone for the woman who wants a new fashion forward art piece. It’s stretch waist makes it a great partner for a boxy style Tie cuff pant top. Slightly Japanese in design, it suits sneakers and works well teamed with asymmetric styled jackets or even a simple loose t-shirt.

Sizing Notes: This style runs true to size: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16, 2XL=18.

Measurements (cm):

  • Waist width: XS=67 S= 70 M=76 L=82 XL=88 2XL=94 
  • Length: XS=86.8 S=87.2 M=88 L=88.8 XL=89.6 2XL=90.4 

Fabric: 72% Meryl 28% Elastane

Style no. 8217